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Gas Proccesing Company
Gas Processing Company LLP, in December 2018, completed a project implementation of a modern plant construction for the utilization of associated petroleum gas at the Kozhasay field (Gas Processing Plant with a capacity of 300 000 000 m3/year (GPP-40)), in the Bayganin district of Aktobe region.
Gas Proccesing Company
This project complies with the state policy on energy and environmental security, and also allows replenishing the country's resources with commercial gas. The plant allows stopping gas burning and atmospheric contamination, which significantly improves the ecological situation in the Aktobe region, where intensive oil production is carried out, which is characterized by an increased content of hazardous compounds, as well as rational use of the raw material base at the Kozhasay field.
Gas Proccesing Company
This project provides the use of the latest and high performance technologies of fine cleaning, drying and condensation, ensuring the most complete processing of them with the production of commercial products. The capacity of the plant allows to process 300 million cubic meters of gas per year.

Production volume in numbers:

226 000 000 m/cube/year

Dry commercial gas

37 000 ton/year

Propane-butane mixture

5 400 ton/ year

Gas condensate

10 500 ton/ year

Sulfur granules